5 Home Improvement Projects You Still Have Time to Do Before Winter

The winter months may usher in a season of festivities, but they also come with unexpected repair costs due to the harsh weather elements that often unearth undetected problems. With this in mind, prepping your home for the colder months will be ideal, allowing you to avoid hectic repair schedules during the busy season. So, what are some improvement projects to consider getting done?

1. Repair Your Roof

The roof is one of the most critical areas of your home, protecting you and your family from harsh weather conditions. Damages such as loose or missing shingles could potentially cause water damage, with reports stating that approximately 60% of basements currently grapple with moisture problems. This may be due to water seeping in from ceilings and pooling in basement areas that are often unutilized. To avoid it, check your roof for cracks and gaps. Additionally, check for water damage along your ceilings and attics, such as cracked plaster. This will be essential in helping you save significant costs resulting from water damage repairs.

2. Update Your Windows

Sealed windows promote an energy-efficient space, with appropriate insulation keeping heating costs down. The Department of Energy states that homeowners lose an estimated 25%-30% of warm air due to drafty windows, increasing utility bills through the colder months. If your windows are over a decade old, consider replacing them with more energy-efficient models. Other solutions include weather-stripping your existing windows and ensuring that all spaces are sealed. Winter-proof films will also come in handy here, allowing you to trap the heat inside your house.

3. Renovate Your Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and bathrooms are some of the most renovated spaces by homeowners, with an estimated 10.2 million kitchens and 14.2 million bathrooms getting upgrades yearly. This could be due to their investment returns, making upgrades a worthwhile project. Remember those simple improvements will often be recommended when working within a short time frame, allowing you to complete your upgrades in time for the holidays.

A few upgrades to look into are replacing worn-out countertops in both the kitchen and bathroom areas. You could also replace old appliances with modern cooking equipment, allowing you to benefit from energy-saving tools. Additionally, the bathroom could also benefit from tile replacement, helping you keep up with new trends in interior decorating.

4. Inspect Your Deck and Patio

The deck and patio are some spaces that get the brunt of the winter, with damage likely to worsen. To prevent further destruction, make it a point to check for cracks and signs of water damage. Mold and splitting wood will also warrant attention, which will likely worsen because of the damp weather. Patch up damaged wood followed by a thorough cleanup and mold treatment to prevent the spread of mold spores. Make it a point to also reseal cracks, with spaces likely to lead to the wood drying out due to extreme conditions.

Additionally, consider moving your deck, patio furniture, and equipment. Items such as grills, sprinklers, and plants will likely not handle the harsher elements, with appliances likely to experience corrosion. Weatherproof coverings will be ideal for heavy furniture and equipment, with garages also suitable for storing materials until the warmer weather sets in.

5. Paint Your Interior Spaces

Painting requires a good amount of airflow, an aspect that will be difficult to achieve in the winter. If you have walls, ceilings, and floors that need sprucing up, now is the time to do your painting. Make it a point to cover your items before proceeding with your painting project, as this will keep your furniture, clothes, and other accessories in good condition. You may want to switch up your color themes in preparation for the new season, with bright colors allowing your space to benefit from an uplifting mood. Keep in mind that your preferred colors should match other interior spaces, allowing you to achieve a well-coordinated aesthetic.

Fall is a great time to upgrade your home, allowing you to take some much-needed time for family during the winter. With this in mind, consider scheduling your window replacements, kitchen upgrades, and deck improvements well ahead of the holiday season.


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