6 Ways to Live a “Greener” Life in 2022

Living a greener life should be everyone’s priority, given the current state of the environment. Read on to see five ways in which you can do this in 2022 and leave a smaller carbon footprint, helping to make a change with your lifestyle.

1. Drive Less

With 37,832 vehicular crashes throughout the state in 2019 that left 55,000 people injured, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, it’s clear that driving is a high-risk activity. It’s also not too good for the environment, given that it leaves a lot of carbon in the air. With this in mind, you may consider driving less and using alternative methods to get around. These include using public transportation, walking, or riding a bike to where you need to go. This will ensure that you minimize the amount of toxic fumes in the environment that result from having cars on the road, most of which use gas. If you can afford to, switch your gas-fueled car for an electric car. This will be more eco-friendly to use and you can be sure that the environment will thank you for it.

2. Recycle Whenever Possible

While it’s been repeated often, it’s important to state the importance of recycling again. Shop with this in mind and pick the recycled option whenever you’re presented with the option to do so. In your daily activities, also do your best to recycle and reuse whatever you can. You will help keep more material out of the landfill when you do this, playing a role in maintaining the environment in a good state.

3. Switch to Renewable Energy

As we cannot cut off our energy needs, it’s a good idea to switch to renewable energy sources for our needs. These include solar and wind power, which can help supply us with the energy we need on a daily basis. This may call for some home remodels in order to enjoy the adjustment to the fullest, as many homes rely on gas and other traditional sources of energy. It’s easy to see why this is the case, given the fact that the very first pipeline in America is believed to have been constructed in Pennsylvania in 1862.

4. Clean With Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

As far as your home’s cleaning needs go, you can do your best to make it eco-friendly. Whenever you go shopping for cleaners, always pick the greener options that are more environmentally friendly. These are often just as effective, if not more effective, than chemical cleaners. You can still get a home that’s clean and that smells great without leaving a noticeable mark on the environment.

5. Try Organic Beauty Products

Beauty can also be organic, and with 42% of women aged 18 and over saying that they would rather use natural beauty products instead of their more synthetic version, you will be in good company. Shop for beauty products that contain environmentally safe materials in them and make sure to test them so you’re not allergic to them. There are a number of products on the market that use safe and natural materials, even packaging their items in attractive and organic packaging.

6. Shop Local

Finally, always shop locally whenever you can. This will ensure that you give back to your community and you also avoid funding multinational companies that are responsible for environmental degradation. Make a stop at your local farmer’s market or a community-supported agricultural initiative the next time you need groceries and you will be helping to make a positive difference.

With the six tips above, you can make a positive change in the environment by altering your lifestyle. No matter how small your effort may feel, it will accumulate to a big one over time.


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