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David Bolno’s Advice for Prospective Entertainment Business Managers

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The entertainment industry is a world of fame, fortune, and captivating creativity. Yet, beneath the dazzling veneer lies a complex network of financial and strategic decisions that power an artist’s career. At the heart of this network is the entertainment business manager – a figure who not only safeguards a star’s wealth but also guides their professional journey and encourages them to use their influence for positive change.

1. Financial Guardians of the Entertainment Industry

Entertainment business managers are the unsung heroes of financial stability for their clients. They expertly navigate the often-volatile income streams, meticulously manage budgets, develop tax-efficient strategies, and oversee long-term investment plans. Income in the entertainment world can fluctuate between lucrative projects and periods of downtime. A manager’s expertise ensures that artists can maintain their desired lifestyle, take care of their families, and build a solid financial foundation designed to last well beyond their time in the spotlight.

2. Strategic Partners in Career Development

Beyond safeguarding finances, business managers act as strategic partners to their clients, advising them on projects that enhance their careers and align with their goals. With deep industry knowledge, they carefully evaluate potential endorsements, brand partnerships, movie roles, or musical collaborations. Their sharp negotiating skills are essential when hammering out contracts, ensuring that artists receive compensation that reflects their talent and market value. These managers are champions for their clients, protecting their interests while propelling them towards greater opportunities.

3. Building a Legacy Beyond the Stage

The lifespan of stardom can be unpredictable. Savvy business managers understand the importance of long-term planning to help artists create a lasting legacy. They advise on diverse assets like real estate, sound investments, or even the creation of a client’s own business ventures. A well-structured investment portfolio provides financial security and can allow artists to explore new creative avenues without the sole focus on immediate income generation. This financial guidance empowers artists to transform their star power into enduring influence.

4. Fostering Purpose: The Importance of Charity and Mentorship

  • Philanthropy as a Platform for Impact

Entertainment business managers know that their clients possess a unique platform to make a difference in the world. They recognize a star’s potential to champion causes – whether promoting education, fighting hunger, or supporting environmental sustainability initiatives. By forging connections between celebrities and charitable organizations, managers can help artists use their influence and resources to enact meaningful change and inspire their fans to do the same.

  • The Ripple Effect of Mentorship

A seasoned artist has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience – overcoming setbacks, learning to manage fame, and building a resilient career. Mentorship is a powerful way to pass this wisdom down to aspiring performers. Business managers facilitate introductions to foster mentorships, allowing established stars to guide the next generation. They offer practical advice, honest feedback, and emotional support that can make all the difference in shaping a young artist’s path to success.

5. Giving Back and Finding Fulfillment

Charity and mentorship not only benefit others but also enrich the lives of the artists themselves. Involvement in philanthropic work instills a sense of purpose that transcends material success and helps ground them with humility. Mentorship allows artists to pass on their hard-earned lessons, ensuring the industry continues to thrive and that they leave a mark beyond their own performances. These endeavors contribute to a fulfilling life and a well-rounded career.

6. Who is David Bolno?

David Bolno, a distinguished business manager in the entertainment industry, specializes in maximizing financial returns and preserving wealth for internationally-renowned entertainers, musicians, artists, and athletes.

With a focus on evaluating income streams and structuring business entities, Bolno guides his clients through complex financial processes, including business plan development and tour accounting.


Entertainment business managers have their hands on the levers of power within the industry – shaping the financial stability, career trajectory, and social impact of their clients. By fostering a spirit of philanthropy and mentorship, they help cultivate a culture of purpose, demonstrating that success and making a positive contribution to the world go hand-in-hand.

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