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A Deep view of the Blue Light Glasses

Do you spend a long time scrolling your mobile phones at night? Do your job involves looking laptop for an extended period? If yes, you may have suffered from eye strains due to prolonged contact with the digital screens.
The time of pandemics forced us to engage ourselves more with digital screens. You are not alone tired of eye problems due to watching phones or laptops for a long time. The ultimate solution people are opting for are the blue light glasses. But is it entirely safe for your eyes? Does it work as it promises?
Let us discover the solution to these questions.

What is Blue Light?

What Is Blue Light
What is Blue Light

The light spectrum consists of seven colors; blue is one of them. The blue color has the highest frequency with a considerable shortest wavelength compared to other colors. The wavelength of blue light varies from 415 to 455 nanometers.
Blue lights are present everywhere, including the sun’s rays. The wavelength of the light-emitting from devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablets is between 400 to 490 nanometers, and this is more damaging due to close proximity.
The cornea and lens of eyes cannot block blue light, whereas they can block UV rays from entering the retina. Blue light can damage eye cells and also disturb our sleep cycle.

Harmful effects of Blue Light

blue light effects on Eyes

Long time exposure to blue light may harm our retina. It is also responsible for causing some retinal diseases like macular degeneration. It can lead to dry eyes or blurry vision. Some researchers have found that overusing appliances that emit blue lights can even cause permanent damage to our eyes.
Blue light also affects the sleeping hormone (melatonin), resulting in improper sleep. Indirectly blue lights can also lead to cancer.
The blue light harms children as their eyes cannot filter blue rays compared to adults, and it also reduces the capability of concentration among children.

Blue Light Glasses – What are they?

Blue light glasses are special lenses that can filter out the harmful rays or blue light ejecting from the digital screens. Blue light-blocking glasses promise that they will protect your eyes from the potential damage caused due to watching phones or other screens for a long time.
Blue light kids’ glasses are trendy these days. These will not only protect devices screens but also from other sources of blue light. A blue light filter is available for digital devices. Computer glasses are also a good option for protecting your and your children’s eyes from harmful rays.

How much helpful are the Blue Light Glasses?

Today, everyone needs to work late on their laptops and phones. Therefore, blue lights are emerging as a matter of concern for everyone. Anti-blue light devices are getting popular these days.

Using blue light glasses will help you to get better sleep. Wearing anti-blue light glasses while working at night will help manage the melatonin. The glasses are also helpful in reducing eye strains while watching the screen continuously.

Children are also vulnerable to the effect of these blue lights. Blue light glasses do not filter all the harmful rays, but they can reduce the impact by about 80 percent. Children’s growing eyes need extra care, so special glasses are available for them.

According to some researchers, the digital screen does not produce any blue rays that are harmful to our eyes. Some even say that the eye tiredness is due to the long use of the screen. However, this is a contradictory topic discussed everywhere nowadays.

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