Home Improvement Projects That Will Help Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Cooling your home in the hot weather does not have to be expensive. You can find ways to cool your home and reduce the work your air conditioner has to do to cool your home. The type of air conditioner you use, planting shade trees, installing ceiling fans, insulating windows and doors, and using shades and blackout drapes can reduce the heat in the summer in your home.

Service Your Air Conditioner Every Year and Choose Your System Wisely

You should service your air conditioner yearly to keep it running efficiently. This keeps it from breaking down and you having expensive repairs. The filter should be changed every month when you are running it consistently. When you replace your air conditioner, think about installing a window unit, a floor-mounted unit, or a portable unit. Since these units vary in size, they can often cool one room or several.

They are easy to install and often cool effectively when you use other methods along with them. A portable unit is one that can be moved from room to room and has to be vented using a window in the room. It is suitable for cooling small rooms or areas in your home.

When you have a window or portable units, a small portable fan in the room can make their cooling more efficient. Central air and geothermal systems are inexpensive to install and maintain but many homes opt for them due to their convenience of use.

According to a survey done by Comfy Living, the yearly American demand for air conditioners in 2018 was almost 15.3 million units. Choose an air conditioning system that fits your lifestyle and monthly expenses by researching the types of available units. Mini-split air handlers are another popular choice for air conditioners. They are ductless and, according to This Old House can cool 1,000 square feet of a room depending on the size and where you live. They have to be installed in every room on the wall to cool the entire home.

Reduce Heat on the Outside of the House

Planting shade trees in your yard will reduce the temperature in your home and the electricity you use to run your air conditioning system. Planting shade trees near the sunny side of the house and near windows will reduce the heat. Trees can reduce the cost of the cooling cost by 25 to 50% every year. Many consumers use shade and blackout drapes in warmer weather to keep the sun out during the heat of the day. The sun shining in through the windows increases the temperature in hot weather. Awnings installed over your windows can also reduce the temperature in your home in hot weather. They provide shade as trees do.

Other Home Improvements to Keep Your Home Cool

Installing a ceiling fan can help in the hot weather by circulating cool air when you open the windows or from your air conditioner. Using insulating and reflective paint in sunny rooms can reduce the temperature in the room when sunlight comes in directly. Use LED light bulbs and fixtures because they burn at lower temperatures and last longer than traditional bulbs. Bulbs can generate heat inside and outside the house and choosing the right bulbs reduces heat. According to Home Remodeling Magazine, one of the top repairs in homes is replacing the garage door, which brings a 90% return on your investment. Opening your garage door in the warmer weather for a few hours will reduce the temperature inside if it is not air-conditioned. Insulating both windows and doors will provide more energy-efficient cooling inside your home.

These are some practical home improvements that can cool your home efficiently in warmer weather. Choosing the right air conditioning system and making some changes inside and outside will help you enjoy the warmer weather more.


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