Post-Divorce Mental Health Tips for the Modern Woman

Divorce is never a simple process. It’s something that can severely affect even a modern woman’s mental health. Don’t feel you’re a failure or try to handle this process by yourself! Know that it’s okay to feel upset and to reach out to get help. By reading this article, you are doing yourself a great favor and potentially improving your success. Follow these tips to improve your overall experience post-divorce.

Understand Marriage Is Tough

Marriage is always a challenging prospect. Experts state that 42-45% of all first marriages will end with a divorce. That may be upsetting to know for many women. However, the good news is that you can take the lessons you learned from your previous marriage and apply them to future relationships. A divorce doesn’t mean you can’t love again! So get out there and meet new people.

Consider Counseling

Even if your spouse wasn’t abusive or cruel, you might need some counseling after the divorce. Counseling sessions can help you quickly identify what problems you might experience and help steer you toward a better recovery. In addition, these professionals can prescribe you medication that may help with anxiety and depression and teach you coping mechanisms for any other related troubles.

Know You’re Not Alone

When you’re going through a divorce, it’s easy to feel isolated, afraid, and alone. But that’s not the case at all. You not only have plenty of family members and friends who will happily help you, but you’re also not the only person going through a divorce. For example, around 750,000 divorces were registered nationally in 2019 alone. So, find a divorce support group to get the mental health help you need and recover from any emotional struggles with ease.

Don’t Drag Your Kids Into It

Old-fashioned divorces often worsen when parents drag their kids into the fight, pitting them against the other parent to create frustrating, emotional situations. Avoid this behavior, even if you feel upset with your ex. Doing so only hurts your children. Your spouse may also try to show that you’re an unfit or cruel parent towards your children. Keep your talk civil in front of your kids and never insult your ex, even if they deserve it in your opinion. Civility can go a long way in a successful divorce.

Plan for Income Disparity

Here’s a strange statistic that may affect many modern women. In marriages where the wife is the primary earner, and the husband does not work full-time, divorces are 33% more likely. The reasons for this situation are unclear, but make sure that you prepare for potential support cases. Modern courts will provide poor-earning husbands with financial support from their higher-earning wives in these cases. The amount may vary, so be prepared to plan for this economic situation.

Explore and Discover Yourself

Divorce can be a powerfully liberating moment for many women, one in which they discover new things about themselves. For example, you may learn new skills, change your career, make new friends, and explore new hobbies and activities. Let divorce take you to new places by embracing a single lifestyle! Don’t be afraid to have fun, meet new people, travel to new destinations, and experience things you couldn’t while married.

As you can see, taking care of your mental health is critical for managing divorce in today’s world. Modern women make better decisions every day to help overcome their emotional struggles. Importantly, they’re pursuing a divorce when it makes sense for them and doing right for themselves.


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